17 November 2009

Adversity and me...

Good day! Well in fact it was a good day. The air was warm, the sky was blue, and the wind was blowing. That wasn't such a big deal though, since it was +15C. Well on to the story...

Isn't it funny that we spend most of our life trying to remove adversity from our lives. Actually, I believe the whole entire principle behind the Buddhist religion is removing adversity. Well today I descovered that in mx riding that searching out and conquering adversity is the real path to enlightenment. 

Today I wanted to go collect the bar weight that I lost earlier this month.  I had previously wiped out on some mud and bit off my bar end. I went to the coulee that gave me a lot of trouble earlier in the year. At the bottom of the creek bed I looked across and tried to find a way across the creek. It was nearly frozen and there were a few alternatives. I opted for the easy route. 

The hill on the other side was where te whole adversity thing came up. I had the option of taking the gravel road, or conquer the more difficult slopes. Sitting at the bottom, I pondered for a moment the concepts of adversity and how in order to have any fun, I had to choose the more difficult path. 

Long story short, I took the more difficult path, halfway up I contemplated why I was doing this. When I got to the top, I received my answer, accompanied by the reward of accomplishing a difficult task. 

I realized today if I ever questioned my own religion, I could not convert to Buddism. I need adversity to be happy in this life. 


Name: Adversity and me
Date: 2009-11-17 4:03 pm
Distance: 40.0 kilometers 
Elapsed Time: 54:55.3
Avg Speed: 43.7 km/h
Max Speed: 97.2 km/h
Avg Pace: 01' 22" per km
Min Altitude: 1,031 m
Max Altitude: 1,194 m
Start Time: 2009-11-17T23:03:32Z
Start Location:
Latitude: 50.950630º N
Longitude: 114.268493º W
End Time: 2009-11-17T23:58:28Z
End Location:
Latitude: 51.118207º N
Longitude: 114.056717º W

Click on this link to display the track in Google Maps. This link will be valid until Dec 17, 2009 4:48 PM PST.

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