06 November 2009

The Bike!

So when I went to purchase my bike, I only really had two things in mind. Seating position, and maneuverability. I had broke my elbow quite badly ten years ago and have a real tough time straightening it out. I had to have a bent arm that wasn't supporting much weight. There are other adventure bikes out there like the KLR 650, or the DR-650 or all the KTM's or BMW's which I could never afford. I kind of wanted the DR 650 but they never had any in stock and it was kind of a rushed purchase. Those adventure bikes are nice for long hauls, but not so much maneuverable so between that and the fact that the dealership only had the DR-Z kind of made my decision for me. Walt Healy Motorsports was a cool dealership. They were kind and easy to talk to. They had a white and a black one. I liked the white cause it (to me) is cooler to have the other bike as opposed to the obligatory bada** black one.

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