06 November 2009

Getting a class 6 license

So in the province I live in, you have to have a class 6 license to operate a bike. You can ride a bike with a class 6 learner's permit, but must have accompaniment in order to ride. On top of that, it's pretty hard to insure and register a bike without a license. I managed to find an insurance company that would give me coverage without a license, and got it registered and everything. Ready to go!

I did have a couple of friends that had bikes at one time or another, but had difficulty finding practice time. I drove around in my alley for a while to get the feel of the bike, and to my surprise, it was just like I had gotten off a bike a week ago! I went for an afternoon streets session with a friend from work and pretty much never touched the bike again until my test day.

When test day arrived, the weather was supposed to be decent. After all it was the 23rd of October. Not freezing, moderate sun. WRONG! Just as I was getting ready to leave it started snowing. Nice...

Jim escorted me to the testing center and somehow we convinced the examiner to let us go out in this crappy weather. I told him I dirt biked for years, and Jim told him that it wasn't like I was a rookie or something to that effect. I never told him I hadn't really ridden in 20 years. Well, he let me go out, and I passed with only two mistakes on the test. Oh joy! A new driver's license picture with helmet hair!

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