14 December 2009

Winter, Winter, Winter...

Well, it's cold in my neck of the woods. How cold? Real cold. Like -40C cold. What does that mean for a motorcycle enthusiast? Whining, reading forum ride reports and thinking of going north for the summer. What, North for the summer? That's ludicrous. Well, I've been checking out ride reports of people going to Alaska during the summer months, and I think that I need to try a solo ride.

I know it's very early in my motorcycling career to be doing a solo trip, but I am a solo kind of guy. I want to experience some serious introspection. I want to learn more about myself. I want to push and be pushed. I've heard there are only 4 basic plots to a story and I want to experience the whole man -vs- machine part, I also want the man -vs- environment part, then there is the man -vs- himself aspect. The only plot line I want to ignore is the man -vs-man portion. I deal with this everyday and want a break from it.

To me, life has been always me against everyone else. I've never been a team player, I've never accepted common practice easily. I have always struggled with getting along with the world around me. What I need is a break from the world around me. I need some freedom, I need to roam, I need not to have to explain my actions to someone else.

Wow, that got heavy rather quickly. Sorry. Let's hope I can get my junk together so I can make that solo ride up to the Yukon for June 21st.  

The Solo Solstice.

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