26 January 2010

New Stuff!

Well, I've noticed that whenever someone starts a new hobby,
inevitably that person will be drawn to bench racing. I hope that I
don't fall into that pattern but instead buy a few necessary items to
make life easier and make the bike more durable.
Today, my parts arrived from wheeling cycle supply. I got a few items
that will help to make my bike more durable, and a little nicer for me
to ride.

Here's my list of items... I got Zeta pro-bend handguards and Zeta XC handguards with LED lights in them. Hopefully I'll save my knuckles in the trees and save my life from left turners. (the LED's will be installed as a park light). I also got a James Dean jetting kit with an extended fuel mixture screw. It helps to get more air and fuel into the carb for bigger explosions and hence, more power!! The last item is an extended foot shifter to accommodate my size 15 foot.

I can't wait to get everything installed, but alas the winter is cold, and the garage has no heater. I don't think my wife would be impressed with me tearing apart a carb on the dining room table. I'll update after the install.

18 January 2010

It's Broken!

Turns out I've been walking around on a broken ankle for a couple weeks now. I was having some strange feelings with swelling and pins and needles so I went to the doctor last Wednesday. They said all is well, you got a sprain most likely and said to get x-rays just to be sure. Two days later, while playing volleyball, I get a call telling me to get to the doctor because my ankle has a fracture in it.

Well, this little beauty is going to be my friend for 6-8 weeks! I didn't really think it was that serious, but the doctors did. At least it's winter, I can't really ride anyway. But I did order some parts for my bike...

14 January 2010

More ways to play.

A lovely traffic update. Just wanted to see if this works.

Testing Facebook integration.

Here is another post just to check if it works... In theory I should be updating your news feed with this without even doing anything.

11 January 2010

That's how the motorcycle show was on Friday. It stunk! I sat on a couple fine bikes though. The KTM 690 and the BMW 550 I think. They were nice dual sports. The strange thing is that the gas tank didn't seem to be between your knees. Cool bikes, but hey, I've got a cool bike too.

I just ordered some parts from the internet, again. I can't believe how poorly motorbike parts are sold. Online stores are bad, and you'd think that I could buy something at the bike show, but there was nothing to purchase there... I brought a whack of cash and came home with it. Oh well.

I just bought my Zeta handguards, James Dean jetting kit and a longer shift lever. Thos size 15 feet just don't seem to like my stock shift lever. I'll update when I get them and start the installs. All I need now is a bigger tank, and some case savers and skid plate, then I am ready to thrash...

07 January 2010

What are you looking for??

Well, it looks like there are a few people actually looking at this blog. Nice. Makes me feel important. Whatever. So I got my helmetcam, I got my bike, and I got a sprained ankle...

On Tuesday at work I was excited to be back I guess, started playing some basketball and landed on some kid's foot. Wrench, crash, throw my keys to another kid and yell, "Get me a tensor bandage!" Well, two days later, it's feeling better, it's still swollen and purple, but maybe I can still walk around the motorcycle show for a few hours this weekend.

I want to get a new gas tank for my bike, a new seat, shift lever, tires, handguards, and that's about it. I hope I can find some of these things there, and get them installed before spring. So, what are you looking to improve on your bike? Anyone got suggestions for a 70/30 tire? I heard the Kenda Trackmasters were pretty good. I'm going to take the helmet camera to the show and do a little filming to test out it's capabilities I'll up the videos when I'm back.