26 January 2010

New Stuff!

Well, I've noticed that whenever someone starts a new hobby,
inevitably that person will be drawn to bench racing. I hope that I
don't fall into that pattern but instead buy a few necessary items to
make life easier and make the bike more durable.
Today, my parts arrived from wheeling cycle supply. I got a few items
that will help to make my bike more durable, and a little nicer for me
to ride.

Here's my list of items... I got Zeta pro-bend handguards and Zeta XC handguards with LED lights in them. Hopefully I'll save my knuckles in the trees and save my life from left turners. (the LED's will be installed as a park light). I also got a James Dean jetting kit with an extended fuel mixture screw. It helps to get more air and fuel into the carb for bigger explosions and hence, more power!! The last item is an extended foot shifter to accommodate my size 15 foot.

I can't wait to get everything installed, but alas the winter is cold, and the garage has no heater. I don't think my wife would be impressed with me tearing apart a carb on the dining room table. I'll update after the install.

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