11 January 2010

That's how the motorcycle show was on Friday. It stunk! I sat on a couple fine bikes though. The KTM 690 and the BMW 550 I think. They were nice dual sports. The strange thing is that the gas tank didn't seem to be between your knees. Cool bikes, but hey, I've got a cool bike too.

I just ordered some parts from the internet, again. I can't believe how poorly motorbike parts are sold. Online stores are bad, and you'd think that I could buy something at the bike show, but there was nothing to purchase there... I brought a whack of cash and came home with it. Oh well.

I just bought my Zeta handguards, James Dean jetting kit and a longer shift lever. Thos size 15 feet just don't seem to like my stock shift lever. I'll update when I get them and start the installs. All I need now is a bigger tank, and some case savers and skid plate, then I am ready to thrash...

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