07 January 2010

What are you looking for??

Well, it looks like there are a few people actually looking at this blog. Nice. Makes me feel important. Whatever. So I got my helmetcam, I got my bike, and I got a sprained ankle...

On Tuesday at work I was excited to be back I guess, started playing some basketball and landed on some kid's foot. Wrench, crash, throw my keys to another kid and yell, "Get me a tensor bandage!" Well, two days later, it's feeling better, it's still swollen and purple, but maybe I can still walk around the motorcycle show for a few hours this weekend.

I want to get a new gas tank for my bike, a new seat, shift lever, tires, handguards, and that's about it. I hope I can find some of these things there, and get them installed before spring. So, what are you looking to improve on your bike? Anyone got suggestions for a 70/30 tire? I heard the Kenda Trackmasters were pretty good. I'm going to take the helmet camera to the show and do a little filming to test out it's capabilities I'll up the videos when I'm back.

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