04 March 2010

The chipmunks are frolicking

Every day it seems that spring is getting closer and closer. I've ridden my bike twice in the last two weeks and actually took it to the car wash yesterday. Our little black squirrel is playing in our front yard again, and I've seen some video on the web of people riding in Waiprous. Spring is here!

Before my ride yesterday I installed my 1" extended MSR shifter. It took all of about 3 minutes, but wow, it changed the way I feel about shifting. I can't describe how much better it is. I used to have to think about changing gears and now it is a reactionary thing, so smooth and sweet. I can't recommend this mod enough to anyone with big feet.

I also took the bike to the car wash. So clean and pretty... I decided I should hit the freeway to blow the water particles off the bike and it worked. The only problem is the way back was riddled with wet streets, now my shiny bike is dirty again, boo.

Why does it always go that way with car washes?

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