12 March 2010

Disable all safety protocols!!

I am kind of getting sick of all the safety insurance we have all around us. When I was a kid we rode in the beds of trucks, never even thought about seatbelts, and airbags whatever...

On my bike there were two safety switches that I disabled today. The clutch safety switch and the kickstand safety switch. The bike won't start when the clutch isn't in. I took out the switch spliced the wires together and now I can start it when the BIG GREEN neutral light is on without the clutch pulled in. The other switch, wouldn't let the bike even run in gear if the kickstand was down. What a pain. Imagine this scenario, you're riding over a set of whoops, the g-forces overcome your kickstand spring force, the kickstand comes down and the bike stalls. Fun right? Once again, I removed the switch, spliced the wires together and now I can ride with the kickstand down.

I feel strongly that we are legislating against common sense. As we keep on adding all these safety features to things, we stop paying attention to the potential hazards around us, and in turn become more hazardous. I would much rather be exposed to a little danger and be paying attention to avoid it, than sit with my mind in a state of lethargy, and have someone else do all my thinking for me.

Spring is coming, I anticipate danger in my future.

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