02 April 2010


What a great day to go for a ride. It's Good Friday and I'll have to agree that it is good! 
A couple weeks ago, I was messing around in the garage with my bike and sweeping it up and such, when I accidentally ran over a tack. My front tire went flat and the bike has been sitting ever since.  Well, this morning my wife didn't have to work so she watched the child while I tackled the tire repair.

I hadn't changed a tire on a bike since I was probably about 12 years old, and even then it was a bicycle tire. I did watch a YouTube video on changing tires and it at least gave me an idea of what I should be doing. It went really smoothly, the only thing I had problems with was seating the bead. Good thing I have a small compressor. It took about 60PSI to get it to seat nicely.
After changing the tire, I just had to get out and go for a ride. Normally, there is only street around my house to go out to, but I have heard rumours of an off-road section of dirt at the end of a freeway about 5 km from my house. Well, I found it, crossed the no trespassing sign and found a lot of dirt.
The freeway was being extended and the hills were being cut through. The hills were nice and dry, and there wasn't any snow or even mud to be seen. I was just meandering through the roads when I found a nice sharp hill. I climbed it quite easily and found what seemed to be a motocross track?!

Well, wasn't this what my bike was made for? A little street and a little dirt. Well, here we go. Time to check how much air I can get off of these jumps. Well, it turns out that the jumps weren't the determining factor in how much air I could get. It was my fear. Really, all I could muster was first gear jumps off this one tabletop jump. Please observe the height of the jump compared to the bike...

Well, after examining my tire tracks on the jump face, I was jumping only about 3 bike lengths. It felt like I was in the air forever, but really probably only about 1/2 of a second. Wow, look at me I'm a super chicken!

I have new found respect for super motocross riders, how they can jump sixty to a hundred feet up in the air is beyond me...

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