22 April 2010

Wind at my back...

Well, it's not a post about some crappy Canadian drama on TV, it's about a sunny nice day with the wind blowing from the south, instead of the north.Wow! The day was amazing, 22C and the sun just shining like crazy. I was just itching for a ride all day long. Unfortunately, I was watching the child all day, and when my wife got home from work she had to go out again and wouldn't be home until after dark. I thought for sure my day was sunk.

Luckily, she had wrote down the wrong day in the calendar and came home about 15 minutes after she left! She instantly suggested that I should go riding, but I got it out my mouth before her! She was so thoughtful and reminded me that the sun was low and people may not be able to see me that well, so be careful on the roads. I was planning to go somewhere else, heh, heh, heh...

Usually I go out to this area at the end of a freeway that is under construction, but as I was pulling up I saw something I wasn't expecting; a vehicle behind the no trespassing sign. Now I know that this area is owned by the city since it is going to be a freeway soon, but the adjacent land I am unsure of. I had no idea who owned this van and thought it best to try to find another route into the area. I went in from the west instead of the south.

Well, I did eventually find a way into the area and found some dirt, and trails, but I really wanted to go to the mx track. As I was cruising along I saw a few vehicles around that weren't normally there. I was quite suspect and twitchy. You'll see that I chose to bail as soon as I got into sight range of some of the workers.

Well, I'm glad spring is here. The local offroading club is starting guided rides in May. I'll be able to explore some of the legal offroad areas around town. The only problem is they aren't nearly as close :(.

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