26 May 2010

Excellent intentions, poor execution.

Well, I did go out on the guided ride tonight. More on this in a minute, but first let me tell you that I didn't have fresh batteries in the helmet cam, and forgot to GPS the trails with my iPhone. Very poor execution on my part. Perhaps I shouldn't dwell on this though, rather let's talk about my fantastic ride instead!

I showed up to the guided ride with this as the background. EVERY other person there trailered their bikes to the meeting point. My story was a little different. As my wife was heading home from work, she informed me that it was raining, and was wondering if I was in fact going out for a ride tonight. I was determined to go out no matter the circumstances, and besides, it wasn't raining at my house.

I had previously been warned by the members of the club that my tires would not cut it for the offroad riding, plus I didn't have radiator guards nor a skidplate. My bike was too heavy and I didn't have any kneepads. Well, I refuse to let others tell me what I can and can't do, so I was going to ride for sure.

As I headed out the rain started progressing. Initially there were a few clouds, then it kind of got darker, and by the time I had traveled the 60 km to the trailhead, the rain was coming down at a decent pace. I was worried about my tires, and was really unsure whether I should participate or not. My determination got the better of me and I went out with the beginners group.

The first bit of riding was pretty dull, a gravel road at a light pace. I was hoping that there would be some more serious riding than this. We stopped to wait for a late arrival and just chatted before entering the trail. The rain had let up, it was gone by the time we really got started. We got into a light trail, where at the very start of it was an enormous mudhole. Great, trial by fire right?

Well it turns out everyone went around the mud and I followed suit. we did some quad trails, with some semi-rocky hillclimbs, and I was well within my limits here. We stopped again at the top of a hill, and were going to loop down a steep hill and come right back up. The trail leader wasn't very confident in my tires so he suggested that I stay back, and since I didn't really know what my tires could do, I stayed behind. I took some pictures while I waited for them to come back up.

Well, I'm not sure if you're tiring of this book so far, but let me tell you this; the trails got tougher, I didn't chicken out of anything presented to me, and I had a really good time. Stay tuned, I'll probably update again tomorrow with some less coherent ramblings about the ride.

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