04 June 2010

The parts are installed!

Well, after my last (and only) adventure at McLean Creek, I decided to get some stuff added to my bike to make my life a little more fun. A few months ago I had written that mods should only be for a purpose, not just to show off all your sparkly things to each other. Well, I bought some sparkly things to show off, but don't worry, they are purposeful.

Item #1 - CFC Case Guards

Rumour around town is that when a DR-Z tips over, it has a tendency to fall on rocks that push the shifter and/or the brake lever into the engine case. These little guards are applied with silicon adhesive, and between the silicon as padding and the guards themselves, they dramatically increase the structural integrity of the engine case. Really? We'll see. (but I will never let my bike fall down, right?)

Item #2 - Unabiker Rad Guards

One downfall of having a liquid cooled bike is that the downfall itself is quite dangerous. With an aircooled engine, like my VW Bug, the cooling fins just need to be clear of mud and you should be okay. With a liquid cooled engine, you have to protect the radiator(s). A fall may run the radiator into a rock and bang! Your coolant is spilled all over the ground, and you have to drag your bike back to civilization. These rad guards are supposed to assist in protecting the radiators, much better then the OEM solution, plastic fins.

Item #3 - Kenda Trakmaster II Tires

The eternal struggle of a dual sport bike is selecting a good tire for both purposes of the bike. Now, I've been scouring the web for months trying to find the best tire I could. These were on the list but not the top. The best setup I've read about is a Pirelli Scorpion Pro up front and a Dunlop D606 on the back. Now that is all fine and good, but they are expensive! I opted to go for a decent tire that was rated for 80% dirt and 20% road. They were only around $50 a piece. They won't be great on the pavement, but if I go through a set or two every season, it won't kill my wallet. Plus, they can be mounted either way on the rim so I will double the wear.

Well, that's all I have to say about the products, but the installation was something else entirely. The rad guards and case guards were easy enough to install. I did them both in less that an hour, but the tires... Stay tuned for the tale. Here are some pics in the mean time.

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