09 June 2010

So much rain.

I was planning on going out on the guided ride tonight, but it got canceled. The RMDRA is a off-roaders club with a land advocacy focus. They felt that riding on the trails with it being so wet would definitely hurt the environment. Too bad, I really wanted to get out and ride.

Next week, I can't make it out with them either, however, there is a "dual sport" club in the area that regularly goes out on Thursday nights, and since I'll finally be done my contracted work on Thursdays it looks like I'll be able to go out next Thursday. The reason I need to go out with others is that I have no idea where to go out there. There are so many trails and even if I have excellent navigation skills I'd still get lost.

On another note, I found a skid plate for the bike. It's a no parking sign. I may get to installing it sometime this week, and I'll update when I get it finished.

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