29 July 2010

And now, for something a little different...

One of the things I wanted in my helmet cam was the ability to take pictures on the fly. It never had that ability until I updated the firmware a couple weeks ago. Now I can set it to take a picture every three seconds. Well, it gave me a little different perspective of what I went through. There was no guided ride last night, but me and a few guys went out anyways. Now, I'm no guide, but apparently was the only one who knew the trails well enough to actually lead a group out there. We didn't get lost and there were only a few seconds where I didn't know where we were going.

It looked like a great night for riding earlier in the day. It was 27 degrees and sunny until I got past Bragg Creek, where I encountered some seriously wet roads, and even some remnants of hail in some of the lowlands. When we did get out on the trails, I took us on the nearly exact ride we had gone on last week. Now, 3/4 of us had been on these trails or tougher ones before, but one of us hadn't ridden things this tough before. He kept up quite well, and after a little time he got his groove on pretty well. The first hour of riding was pretty slow going since the trails were quite slippery, and the roots seemed pretty exposed even compared to last week.

There were quite a lot of scenic captures from my camera. It was a great night to ride. After we were done riding, Mike commented that he really liked the trails we went on because on a (skill level) scale from one to ten, he figured this ride was a 9 3/4 for him. It got me thinking, at what number on the skill level scale do we receive the most enjoyment? Obviously 1-5 are pretty boring since we can easily accomplish those tasks, 5-8 probably brings the most enjoyment, and 8-10 can be pretty grueling. I'm not sure where I receive the most enjoyment. Those trails were difficult in some spots, but generally, I could have ridden tougher trails, but I don't know where to find them, nor the "enjoyment" that I should be receiving from riding.

Don't get me wrong, I really love being out in the woods trail riding, but I am missing something. Let me tell you a little backstory. When I was young I was quite emotional. I remember crying in grade 5 or 6 because I got accepted into a "gifted students" club at school. I also cried when people made fun of me and when things didn't go my way. It was somewhere around that time that I consciously decided that I had to remove emotions from my life. Well, I did. If you have met me personally, I'd suspect that you'd think I was boring. I don't laugh, chuckle, smile, get angry, or especially...cry. I have found great success in my life by removing this emotion from my existence, but alas, this also causes me not to be happy.

I really am hoping that I can get some kind of perspective when I go out riding. A time to contemplate, a time to grow, a time to fall and get frustrated and maybe even break down. It's great to have these guided rides where I get a chance to meet other people and perhaps let them see a new persona from me, not the Mr. Spock that I am always living, but maybe more of a Captain Kirk? Well, it's a stretch, I'm a nerd trapped in a relatively athletic body, so I'm not sure what persona I should actually be.

Well, that's the weighty part of the post, here's the fluff. Here's a bunch of pics from my camera. Thanks to Mike, Clamacious, and Marcel for the good ride. I think I did have fun, for now I guess I'll continue to be content...

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