21 July 2010

Great ride tonight!

Wow! Sometimes I think that my life is tough, sometimes i think my
life doesn't have perks. Let me tell you, I've got it all! As some of
you know my wife kind of bullied me into buying a bike. Sensible Joe
wouldn't let himself waste that kind fo money on a superfluous item
like a motorbike, but sensible Joe was kind of run over. I got a bike,
I love riding it and I love my wife for strongly encouraging me to get

Tonight was a great ride. The temperature was nice, there were a lot
of friendly faces, and a lot of trees in my way! It has been raining
so much this year that the trails have taken a bit of a hit. Tonight I
rode some of the exact trails I had ridden two weeks ago, but they
were not the same trails. The ruts were deeper, the roots more
exposed, and the hills got steeper. Wait did I really say that? The
hills never got steeper, but they did seem to claim a few more
casualties along the way. There were a plethora of crashes on the
intro-intermediate ride. Even the leader and the sweep went down, and
I have video to prove it.

I had a couple of my best crashes tonight. One endo, a few line drives
into trees, and of course, botched log crossings. I think I invented a
new trick for going over logs that you get stuck straddling. I have it
on video I think, so I'll definitely put it on vimeo as it's own
short. I will be sore tomorrow, but its not that I'm complaining, I
think the degree of soreness is a good indicator of how good the ride

I took a 4GB SD card with me tonight so I have a whack of video to
comb through and edit. I will try to get some good stuff up ASAP, but
I think I'll have to do some editing. I've got nearly 3 hours of
video, and at least 5 minutes of crashes... I'll update when I have
some uploaded.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you wipe out a few times.