22 July 2010

Here are some new videos!

Last night was still a great ride. I'm pretty sore today, or more accurately, mostly just wiped out. I made a movie for the ride leader since I saw him take a few spills. I thought maybe this would lift his spirits...

A few weeks ago I was accused of attacking some trees. This was not the case, the trees actually attacked me. The trees are amassing a secret attack plan to destroy all my credibility by making it look like I have it out for them. Well it's not going to work, I've been collecting evidence...

While riding I found a little trick to get over logs that are too slippery to get the back tire over. All you have to do is get the front tire over and get your rear tire near the log. Tip the bike over, the rear tire shifts to the side and lifts itself over the log. Joy!!

I have lots of video, I hope I can come up with something interesting to entertain you with next week.

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