08 July 2010

Last night's ride was simply delicious! The weather was just about perfect, my bike was in tip-top condition and I was ready to haul! The last time I took my bike out, I had nearly run the tank dry so I had to fill up immediately after leaving home. Normally I seem to get about 160km on a tank, so I thought I should be able to run all the way out to McLean Creek, and back with some off roading in between.

If you read last week, you know that I was a little disappointed in the intensity of the beginner's ride, so this week I was planning on taking the intro-intermediate guide. Well, only about 12 people showed up, so it was to be a fast group and a slow group. I chose fast...

I kind of thought this quad trail ride was a shakedown to see if we could really handle the more technical single track that the guide was planning on running. Well, it was good and fast. I figure for some of it we were in the neighborhood of 50km/h on quad trails. It was a great warm up!

Things started to get a little more technical from here, and I was about to be challenged. My tires are good for traction on the center, but I wasn't sure how they would be on the edges since I nearly lowsided on the street on the way out. Those knobbies are kind of bendy when you get on them. Well, in the next section, I was on some cross hills and just lost control. No reason really, it just kind of happened. That threw me off my game and I ended up wiping out a few times in the next clip.

No damage was taken on me nor the bike, so let's get out and do some nice hills on the way up to the ridge. I really like this next section of hill, since it's tight, but still relatively quick moving. Another rider gave me a little surprise on a hill climb. See if you can see what I mean.

Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my vimeo account this week, so that's all the video I have. Plus I only got 35 minutes of footage anyways since I ran out of space on my SD card! AARGH! Someday I'll get this helmet cam right, I had plenty of battery power, but not enough space!

After all was said and done, we put about 25 km on in the woods, climbed about 400m and came back down. I saw a lot of cliff faces, and some pretty serious hill climbs that I only moderately succeeded on. I'm so glad i took the more advanced ride. It was a lot of work, but it was so fun. I haven't ridden technical trails like that since I quit mountain biking. I really missed that feeling of being one with the bike, and just trying to survive the next set of roots or rocks. There was one section where the rocks were shaped like smashed up bricks and nearly the same size. That was a huge challenge to ride, but so rewarding. I can tell you one thing, I am sore today.

Remember at the beginning of this post when I said I hoped to have enough fuel to do the run? Well, I hit reserve about 50km from home and ran the gauntlet. I have no clue how much fuel is in my tank today, but I'm glad I didn't have to lug around that extra 10 or so pounds of fuel on the trails.

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