03 September 2010

Remember when you were a kid...

...and you were riding your bike, or horse in the evening? do you remember that feeling when a sudden warm or cold burst of air hits you as you ride through it? I forgot about that feeling until it happened to me last night as I was riding home from a session in the woods. Stop, think about that feeling and take a moment to embrace that memory. I rode dirt bike and BMX a lot as a kid and have countless memories of those occurrences. Whether the air was cold or warm I definitely have warm feelings towards those moments.

The weather out by McLean Creek is often cooler than the air in the city. as I was riding home last night about 10km from town I was hit by a great warm air burst. It was a relief as my hands were starting to get a little numb. It was a chilly night after the sun started to set. As I was hit by that warm burst of air I couldn't help but to equate it to the ride I had earlier in the evening.

I am no longer able to ride on Wednesday nights with the RMDRA guys so i had to sort out a group to ride with that night. I found some people from ADVrider.com that ride dual sport bikes like my own that usually meet on Thursday evenings at McLean. I didn't know them at all, in fact, I had never even seen their screen names before. Anyway, we met up and had a ride together. Now, back to the story, as we were riding I ended up leading. I knew the trails we took well and overall they were quite easy. We're just riding along at a good pace and suddenly, we encounter a blast of cold air, not literally, but rather a blast of difficulty. These difficulty blasts are what keep me riding. It's funny, I've mentioned before that I have removed much emotion from my life, and this is one of the only times that I feel it. It's anxiety.

Imagine traveling at a decent pace, feeling good, finding a rhythm in the trail. Then suddenly you encounter an insurmountable obstacle, or so it seems.

 Sometimes the saying "to hit a wall", isn't figurative. Sometimes, it's a real beast that needs to be conquered. Sometimes, it's a series of obstacles that will take some real courage to conquer.

Not only is the task ahead challenging, but you also have to maintain some speed and momentum in order to conquer it. There is no time to slow down and analyze, there is only time to tackle it.

That is why I love to ride. I love to be able to see a problem and tackle it instantly, no time to pause and contemplate, no time to talk yourself out of it, only time to make a decision to do it, or to quit. I really enjoy those blasts of cold air that I encounter on a bike. I love to have a physical challenge. These are the things that make me want to continue from day to day, I'll take a cold blast anytime.

Here's a slideshow of our ride.

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