08 March 2011

Getting ready for the season!

Well, I've been sufficiently scolded by the other riders to know my bike is way too heavy for real singletrack riding. I am pretty much told every ride that I need to get a new bike. That's not going to happen any time soon though, so I decided to try a different route. I'm actually happy with my weight, but I do have a little too much bulk in the midsection. I aim to remedy that. Yesterday I started a new fitness regime to get me in the best shape of my life. This is actually going to be a hard thing to do since at one point I rode my mountain bike back and forth to work daily, and rode every evening as well for fun.

Well, today I am 96kg am 2m tall. I'm not going to change those stats too much, but my waist is around 36" and that is something I want to remedy. On Saturday my wife spent some cash in a few clothing stores. She came out of one and said to me how do you want to spend $130, since that's what I just spent. I knew exactly what I wanted since I had been looking for a way to ask her for the cash anyways.

Over the last few months I have been looking for a workout plan that wasn't too difficult to implement. I have a nice universal machine in my basement, along with a spin bike and treadmill. The only problem was, every workout I tried to find had to be adapted to suit my equipment, and I really wanted to just find an immediate solution. I found one. This one requires no equipment besides a DVD player.

Now the name insanity implies that this is something you can do to get crazy results in 60 days. This may be true. Also there is the implication that you are going to be doing the most hardcore fitness of your life. I agree, it's hard, but really it's just a glorified aerobics program wrapped up in a "hardcore" package. I'm super motivated to get this Insanity over with, so I can toss my bike around like it's a 100kg two stroke. I am cardio man. I will be able to ride forever come this summer, I will keep up and pass those on their fancy Austrian machines.

If you know me personally, ask me how my workouts are going. If I don't answer that I am sore or tired, call me a sissy, or wimp or mama's boy. Whatever you want, I need the extra motivation. 

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