11 May 2011

A long winter... (with no end in sight)

Like the title states, it has been a long winter. It's the first full winter as a full time dad, and it has been particularly snowy for our region. These two things compounded to make my life miserable for the last month. I am bored stiff, and can't go out riding due to the mass amounts of snow in the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies. The weather this week has been great though. I've got a tan already, and so does my kid, but it doesn't help that all I want to do is ride.

I don't have much to report in the way of rides, but I guess I have been out once to burn some fuel. Our club had an evening at the local mx park ,and I've got video to prove it. I've been spending money like crazy and if all goes according to plan, I'll have new springs in the bike and an oil change done by Saturday morning and then I'll go out with some friends for a dual sport ride. I bought a HD helmet cam as well and should have some footage for you soon.

Thanks for being a loyal reader, and if you truly care, do a sun dance or something for me.

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